Two post-doc positions at University of Milan ( The deadline for submitting applications is January 13th.)


Nos llega esta de interés sobre varias ofertas posdoctorales en la Universidad de Milán en el laboratorio de Giorgio Provolo.

¡Suerte al que lo intente!


Dear Colleague,

I hope this mail find you well.

I would like to share the announcement of two positions for research fellows on three-year research projects under  my supervision. Both positions are for one year, but the grant is renewable up to the  three years of projects. A  master’s degree and experience in the field is required. A PhD degree is not required, even if it is preferred.

The first grant relates to the research project: «Innovative plant for the conservative removal of nitrogen from livestock slurry and digestate – Conserva» which involves the construction of a pilot plant for ammonia stripping in a livestock farm.
The activity to be carried out involves collaboration in the design of the pilot plant also with preliminary laboratory tests, collaboration in verifying the functioning of the prototype after its installation and collaboration in the functional tests of the prototype with different types of effluents and different operating conditions.
The announcement can be downloaded at the link: -type-b-prof-Provolo-id-4451

The second position relates to the research project: “Integrated management system of cowshed environment to improve the welfare and productivity of cows – Gala» which involves the development of sensors to be placed in the housing environment and on animals to collect data in an integrated way and provide real-time information on the situation of the herd.
The requested collaboration concern the test of the sensors that will be installed and data collection for the evaluation of the environmental conditions inside the housing area, the evaluation of the accelerometers-based monitoring system for cow behavior, the validation of the sensors installed in the project partner farms.
The announcement can be downloaded at the link: -type-b-prof-Provolo-id-4450

The deadline for submitting applications is January 13th.
For more information you may contact me by mail ( or telephone (+39 0250316855 – +39 3381070320).

I kindly ask you to circulate the announcement.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!


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