European workshop: Waste water phosphorus removal tomorrow: ambitions and reality (09-10-2019)

In the context of the current revision of EU water policy (Water Framework Directive, Waste Water Treatment Directive), enable dialogue between the water industry, experts and policy makers (EU, national) on perspectives for phosphorus removal:

– low discharge consents

– flexible permitting / emissions trading

– P-removal from small sewage works

Presentations will be by water companies and sewage treatment operators (presenting results of trials on-site in real operating conditions and experience of operation in sewage works) and by policy makers, with discussion with panels of experts.

Back-to-back to ECSM’19 (European Conference on Sludge Management), Liège 6-8 October 2019

Technology suppliers and RTD projects will be able to present their processes, innovation and research on stands during the day. Stand price: 1400€ (ESPP members 800€), not inc. registration.

Free registration possible for European Commission / Parliament / governments / etc. Please contact

A networking dinner will be organised for workshop participants, after ECSM’19, Tue. 8th October evening. – additional cost: see ticket prices (with or without dinner). NOTE: you can register for the workshop, then additionally register for the dinner later (same price)

Programme and more information

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