(postponed) EIP-AGRI workshop ‘Towards carbon neutral agriculture’

On 24-25th March 2021 the EIP-AGRI workshop ‘Towards carbon neutral agriculture’ will take place online.

The focus of this workshop will be on the transition to carbon neutrality in agriculture, through:
Soil, crop and livestock management practices that keep and increase carbon in soils.
Farm management practices, such as mixed farming, agro-forestry, agro-ecology and organic farming that promote the diversification of farming systems and that bring other environmental benefits, such as increased biodiversity, both in the short and long term.
Livestock production that minimises carbon or methane emissions (e.g. extensive systems, manure management).
Resource efficiency in agriculture, in particular in relation to the use of fertilisers, plant protection products, energy and other farm inputs (e.g. fuel consumption).
Methods and tools to assess carbon emissions and sequestering at farm level.
Furthermore, conclusions from the workshop aim at promoting the adoption of these practices on the ground, which might be also favoured by the Green Deal and future Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) Strategic Plans and by Horizon Europe, due to the potential of these practices to contribute to achieving the CAP’s cross-cutting objectives and improve the resilience and environmental, social and economic performance of the farming system.

Please consider, if you have an interest to take part and if you can contribute to the discussion with your knowledge, experiences on the beneficial use of compost on agricultural soils or with project results. It would be very helpful, if you can support this workshop with your knowledge and perhaps you can invite a farmer who can share his pratical experiences with the use of compost and digestate as well.

Please find more information and how to register for the workshop below.


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