Disponible el informe final sobre materiales de tipo estruvita para la fabricación de abonos elaborado por la JRC

Desde la European Phosphorus Platform nos informan de que ya está disponible el informe final sobre el uso de materiales de tipo estruvita para la fabricación de abonos elaborado por la JRC. Podéis acceder pinchando en el siguiente ENLACE de la Unión Europea:


Technical proposals for selected new fertilising materials under the Fertilising Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/1009)

The European Commission has recently revised the EU legislation on fertilisers, expanding its scope to secondary-raw-material-based fertilising products, and resulting in the publication of the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation ((EU) 2019/1009). This report explores a possible legal framework for the manufacturing and placing on the market of specific safe and effective fertilising products derived from biogenic wastes and other secondary raw materials. Specifically, three categories of fertilising materials have been evaluated: precipitated phosphate salts & derivates; thermal oxidation materials & derivates; pyrolysis & gasification materials. The report contains technical proposals on eligible input materials, process conditions, quality requirements as well as quality management system requirements. The proposals might form the basis for the legal requirements that those candidate materials shall comply with if they become regulated under the new legislative framework. Additionally, the report assesses the possible impacts in order to shed a light on the added value that these fertilising materials could provide for food security, food safety, environmental protection, and the European fertilising and agricultural sector.

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